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RKEC specializes in Infrastructure Development works. We have executed framed structures namely as follows.

Proven of OTM Accn No 1 at Leimakhong

Augmentation of steam system repair infrastructure at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam

Setting up of Overhauling Facilities for M-36GTs at INS EKSILA, Visakhapatnam.

Construction of Shtil Preparation hangar at INS kalinga Visakhapatnam

Renovation/Refurbishment of weapon repair facility ib Bldg No 25A, 25B, and 25C at Naval dockyard Visakhapatnam

Our Services include:
  • Civil works for Power and Refinery Projects Port development works.

  • Transmission Lines.

  • Sports Complex.

  • Buildings Work.

  • Water Intake Systems.

  • Heavy RCC Pre-stressed Concrete and Steel Structures.

  • Framed Warehouses/Industrial sheds.

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