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Our Covenants


Our Values are our Backbone and mean EVERYTHING to us

  • Integrity and Honesty - Our commitment and integrity to be irreproachable, our honesty sacrosanct even if required to present hard truths.

  • Safety - Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have a higher priority.

  • Agility and Adaptability - Speed, Responsiveness and Proactive approach, achieved through leadership from the top, non linearity of thought and action, collaboration and empowering employees. Staying ahead of the technological, marketing and management loop.

  • Care and Respect - Care for Stakeholders, the Environment, Customers & Shareholders – both existing and potential, and our employees and partners.

  • Diligence - Do everything (planning, preparation, deployment of assts, analyse, execute, review, mitigate risks etc) with a thoroughness that delivers quality and  excellence on time in all areas.

  • Passion, Ambition and Innovation: We enjoy what we do, work with passion in an innovative manner using ‘out of box’ solutions were required, and our ambition will enthuse our clients to excel.

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