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Message from CMD

Message from our Founder, Chairman and Managing Director Shri Garapati Radhakrishna.

At the outset, let me commend and congratulate all members of the RKEC Fraternity including those currently not in the roles of RKEC Projects Ltd but who were part of us and contributed towards our legacy, tradition, and reputation built over 35 years of relentless hard work. We are known today for our professionalism, integrity, reliability, innovativeness, delivering outstanding results ON TIME with economic prudence while constantly being environment friendly and having the ability to adapt and co-opt new technologies and management techniques.

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RKEC Projects Ltd today means all the above and has earned the credibility and confidence of the market, our customers, peers and competitors. Whenever a customer has a difficult, technically challenging, complex project requiring very detailed planning, timely execution, management ingenuity along with sound economic/fiscal control they automatically think of us. This has been possible due to sincere efforts put in by ALL of you both in Headquarters and in the field.

As we start a new phase/ a new adventure by becoming a Public Limited Company in the field of Marine Works, Bridges and Infrastructure Construction, we are aware of the tremendous opportunities and challenges before us, and I am sanguine that with the support and dedication of ALL of you we will overcome and excel, and come out earning more laurels and accolades, and grow from strength to strength. I expect the company to grow from the present turnover of Rs. 240 Crores to Rs. 500 Crores in the next five years at an impressive growth rate of 25 percent. I am equally confident that all stakeholders and shareholders will revel in the journey of the growth and diversification of our Company.

As your leader I promise to lead by example, provide a stress free environment where both team work and individual excellence can prosper, and where your professional growth and social needs will be met. Let me finally exhort all of you to re-dedicate yourself to the Company, work with professionalism, passion and self accountability, think out of the box and work beyond your brief to ensure that we excel and surpass the expectations of all stakeholders. I am confident that you all will ‘Deliver’.

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